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From version 2.3.0 (21-may-2008), Dev-PHP is using the de facto standard gettext. Technically speaking, we're using dxgettext because Dev-PHP is written with Delphi.

Setting the environment

  1. Get the manual
  2. Get the program dxgettext.
  3. Get a text editor (UTF-8 compliant)
  4. Get the default.po file from Urs Maëder's subversion server.
    1. either the original file (right click)
    2. or from an existing locale folder

This default.po file must be UTF8 encoded, without BOM (Byte Order Mark)



At the beginning of the file, set or update the version, who you are and your email address.

  • Project-Id-Version:\n
  • Last-Translator: Your Name <>\n

These settings will be displayed by Dev-PHP via the menu Help » About Dev-PHP.... These settings will also appear within the mail sent to you, if users click on your name in the same form.

Localizations used for the installer program

Starting at line 27, there are some localizations which will be used for the installer program. A few lines later (at line 76), you will be able to customize the subject and body of the e-mail you'll receive.

  • As a translator, never change the lines starting with msgid (they contain an access key used by gettext) ; please, only change the content of msgstr.
  • the line 58 is special, replace the ellipsis "..." by the name of the language (for example finnish in finnish is Suomi, spanish is Español).

Dev-PHP itself

From line 66, the translation for the program Dev-PHP begins. - There are special comments starting with #= number=
The number refers to the previous numbering of translation file.

- Lines starting with #+ are supposed to help translators...

Special Marker : End of translation

#    __________________________
#  /|                          |
# |/| DELPHI run time messages |
# |/|__________________________|
# |/__________________________/

This means that the following messages may be left untranslated.


First, send the updated file (default.po) to your intermediate Pierre Fauconnier or Urs Maëder. Then you should receive a compiled file ( This file will have to be stored into ./lang/xx/LC_MESSAGES/
where :
. is the folder name of the devphp2.exe (often c:\Program Files\Dev-PHP2\)
xx is the code - usually two characters - of your language (de, en, es, ...)

Afterwards, fix some issues, add some additional to the default.po, then send this updated file back again to your intermediate. At some point, you will consider the translation as perfect as possible : tell your correspondent. So the source file will be committed to the Urs Maëder's repository and the compiled file will be integrated to the installer program.

Thanks a lot for your contribution.

--Pf18387 13:37, 21 February 2009 (UTC)