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Dev-PHP :: Portable

USB flash drives are compact and easy-to-use devices. They are similar in use to a computer hard drive. Dev-PHP is portableApps compliant. Well, let's see how to set a fully functional Dev-PHP thru portableApps launcher.

Download the launcher

According to

Now you can carry your favorite computer programs along with all of your bookmarks, settings, email and more with you. Use them on any Windows computer. All without leaving any personal data behind.

Start with downloading the mini launcher [ 641 KB ]

Initialize a memory stick or any USB flash drive

Just plug it in. Windows will allocate a drive unit to this device (for instance **L:**)

PortableApps USB.png

Install the mini launcher, double-click on the program PortableApps_Suite_Base_1.0.exe you've just downloaded The program will ask you where to extract its contents.

Since it must be installed to the root of the device, enter **L:\**

PortableApps Setup.png

Then click on the Install button, or press <Return>.

Download Dev-PHP portable

The latest version can be found at [ 9.3 MB ]

Once downloaded, this program must be ran and extracted to the PortableApps directory, enter **L:\PortableApps**

PortableApps Dev-PHP Setup.png

Finally, click on the Extract button, or press <Return>.

Run Dev-PHP portable

From the launcher, - click on the item Dev-PHP IDE
PortableApps Startup2.png

From anywhere,

  1. hit <Windows-R>
  2. then enter L:\PortableApps\Dev-PHPportable\devphp.exe
  3. and click on the Ok button (or hit <Return>).

Need some PHP environments ?

See PiGii at