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MediaWiki has been successfully installed.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started

Click on the following image to upload a new version of the PNG logo image for your project:


Classification of guides and chapters

The main page identifies the guides and some chapters. The naming conventions are:

  • ug for User's Guide
  • ig for Installation Guide
  • tg for Translator's Guide
  • eg for Editor's Guide
  • dg for Developper's Guide

- A chapter SHOULD be named as Dev-PHPx.yy: zzzzzzz, with :

Code Values
x { 2, 3 }
yy { ug, ig, tg, eg, dg }
zzzzzzz Short chapter description

Backup of pages

There are two backup formats : XML and SQL. Both of them are built on the fly, which insures to obtain the last known version of the documentation.

XML dump

The full list of pages, as built by MediaWiki, can be obtained at Special:AllPages

The list of pages as expected by Special:Export is below
(actually, from the previous list, we have to replace all spaces by "_")

D2:Translator's guide Editor's Guide
Dev-PHP2.ig: Installing the Debugger
Dev-PHP2.ig: Portable Device
Dev-PHP2.ig: Quick Install Translator's Guide User's guide elements
Dev-PHP2 :: User guide : Configuration
Dev-PHP2 :: User guide : Regular expressions
Dev-PHP3 :: Information	Main Page

So, copy-paste from the above list into the textarea of Special:Export, then click on the "Export" button.

SQL dump

There is also a feature allowing us to build then to download a SQL dump

That's all folks!

Curiosité française

Les leçons de typographie de Jacques André (de l'IRISA). Une initiation simple aux règles typographiques.