Dev-PHP 3.00 will be released soon!

[15.07.2006] After a long time, I'm very pleased to announce the availability of the release of Dev-PHP 3.00. Greatest step in this release is the implementing of a debugger. Thanks to YaNick for his great work.
Here is the full Change Log:

  • Added Debugging
  • supporting unicode and other charsets.

I hope you like it and please keep reporting bugs (and feature requests) because that is the only way to improve the IDE.

by Urs Mäder

Dev-PHP 3.00 Alpha 4 released!

[02.11.2004] After a month and a half of hard work (and a day before planned), I'm very pleased to announce the availability of the fourth Alpha release of Dev-PHP 3.00, which can be considered the biggest release so far in Dev-PHP 3.00. This release focuses on new features (Redesigned Class Browser, rewritten Search and Replace features, rewritten Code bookmarks, added Zoom Text and much more) and lots of improvements and bugfixes.
Here is the full Change Log:

  • Added a Hyperlink Wizard (Ctrl+L).
  • Added an option to have AutoComplete always on (disabled by default).
  • Added "Insert Date and Time" to edit menu.
  • Added icons to Class Browser.
  • Added Includes support to Class Browser (still very basic).
  • Added "Comment Block", "UpperCase" and "LowerCase" to Edit menu.
  • Added NL (%n) and TB (%t) chars support to language files.
  • Added Zoom Text (like Mozilla Firefox).
  • Changed default gutter font, gutter colors and current line background color.
  • Changed some keyboard shortcuts to fit with the Delphi ones.
  • Fix: "Compile" now deletes ~out.html.
  • Class Browser is now disabled when changing to Browser or Documentation modes.
  • Class Browser now works with double clicks (Delphi style).
  • Replaced Search Dialog with a Toolbar (like Mozilla Firefox).
  • Replaced the old Internal Browser icons with the new Mozilla Firefox theme.
  • Replaced TSpinEdit with TEdit and TUpDown controls.
  • Replaced TSpTBXTabSet with TTabSet (to avoid using unnecesary VCL controls)
  • Rewritten code bookmarks.
  • Rewritten Replace dialog.
  • Some changes to DevPHPTheme (disabled icons now look a lot better).
  • Improved Internal Browser.
  • Improved SaveFile().
  • Improved AnalizeOutput() and ProcessLine().
  • Improved CompileScript().
  • Improved Help menu.
  • Upgraded SynEdit component (cvs-2004-10-09).
  • Now Dev-PHP detects if a file was modified outside the editor.
  • Updated credits in About box.
  • Redesigned Class Browser (still VERY experimental).
  • Removed lots of useless code.
  • Lots of small improvements and bugfixes.

I hope you like it and please keep reporting bugs (and feature requests) because that is the only way to improve the IDE.

by Leonardo García

IMPORTANT: Language Files

[02.11.2004] This message goes to all translators. Today I found out that there's a string missing in all language files. I've updated the English and Spanish translations, but I need you to update the other translations with this string.
It is not necesary to re-send the whole file. Just send me an E-Mail with the translated string.

Messages.SearchReplacePrompt=Replace this occurrence of "%s"?

Messages.SearchReplacePrompt=¿Reemplazar esta coincidencia "%s"?

Please try to E-Mail it to me as soon as possible because Dev-PHP 3.00 Alpha 4 is complete and we only need to do some final tests and update language files to be able to release it.
Thank you!

by Leonardo García

Alpha 4 language files

[27.10.2004] I've uploaded the new language files for Alpha 4. Please update your translations and send them to me as soon as possible so that I can include them in the binary distribution.
If everything goes well, Dev-PHP 3.00 Alpha 4 will be released next Wednesday (03.11.2004).

by Leonardo García

News on Alpha 4

[20.10.2004] Well, it took me less time than I expected. The new Class Browser is ready. However, a few more new features still need to be finished and tested before I can release Alpha 4.
Here you have a screenshot of the current interfase for Alpha 4. In the pict you can see the new editor colors, the new search bar and some other new stuff.


As most of you might know, Dev-PHP is an Open Source project. This means that its source code is freely available for everyone who wants to improve it, learn from it, use it for other projects or whatever you want to do with it... So, why am I saying this? If you are a Delphi (and PHP of course) developer and you use Dev-PHP, you can help to improve the IDE by fixing some detailed bugs that I will be posting here, in the Develpoment Website. If you solve one, two or as much as you want, you email me your changes and if the code works well, your name will appear in the program credits (if you want to, of course).
Your help will be really appreciated and will help the project to grow faster. Also, if there are any Icon artists out there who want to make some nice icons for Dev-PHP (we are using the ones from Delphi 7) are also welcome (as the guy who was working on the program icons disappeared). In fact, everything you can do to improve the editor is welcome, just email me if you want to help.
Have a nice day!

by Leonardo García

No Alpha 4...

[19.10.2004] Don't get scared! Alpha 4 was NOT cancelled, just delayed a few days until I finish the new Class Browser (or at least make it a bit more stable).
The new Class Browser will keep an internal list of all the vars, functions and classes in the file instead of reconstructing and searching strings. This part works by now. The problem is that the old code (the parser to be more specific) doesn't seem to like my changes so it sometimes doesn't work as it should.
I will keep in touch to let you know the state of Alpha 4. Oh, and I added links to directly download language files for Alpha 3 and upgraded the PHP installer to version 5.0.2. Bye!

by Leonardo García

No more invitations

[21.09.2004] This post is just to let you know that there are no more GMail invitations available. The two invitations that I offered yesterday now belong to two Dev-PHP users :).

by Leonardo García

GMail invitations

[20.09.2004] Hello everyone! I have 2 GMail invitations left and as I have no idea who to give them to I decided to give them away to celebrate the releasement of Dev-PHP 3.00 Alpha 3. If you want one, just email me asking for it ;)
Have a nice day!

by Leonardo García

Dev-PHP 3.00 Alpha 3 released!

[20.09.2004] After a month of hard work, I am glad to announce the immediate availability of the third Alpha release of Dev-PHP 3.00.
Maybe the biggest change in this release is the return of the Multilanguage support, which was completely rewritten from scratch to improve usability. If you make a good (and complete) translation of Dev-PHP please send it to me so I can include it in future releases.
There are also a lot of new features and bugfixes. Check out the Change Log for details:

  • Added "File Type" to Script menu to select which highlighter is used.
  • Added (still very basic) Code Bookmarks.
  • Added Multilanguage support (Currently English and Spanish only).
  • Added an integrated Language Editor.
  • Added "Compile" to Script menu.
  • Added "Word Wrap" to Compiler Output.
  • Fix: AutoComplete pops up only when pressing Ctrl+Space.
  • Fix: Now you can execute a script without having to save it.
  • Fix: Class Browser now only parses PHP code.
  • Fix: Class Browser now calls SynEdit.EnsureCursorPosVisible.
  • Fix: Class Browser now recognizes "class", "function" and "var" correctly.
  • Fix: When you close a file, the Compiler Errors list gets cleared.
  • Fix: Main dialog's Left and Top values now get loading correctly.
  • Fix: Source code installer does not use MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN anymore.
  • Fix: The HTML/PHP highlighter is not case sensitive anymore.
  • Fixed a bug when opening files with large names (more than 8 characters).
  • Fixed critical bug when creating OptionsIni.
  • Implemented Tab Indent (Shift+Tab = Undent).
  • Implemented "Insert Dropped Files".
  • Improved "Compiler Errors" list.
  • Improved session loading.
  • Replaced the "Compiler Output" toolbar with a popup menu.
  • Lots of changes to UParser.pas.
  • Changed some keyboard shortcuts
  • Upgraded SpTBXLib components to version 0.5.
  • Huge code cleanup.

As I always say, try to test it as much as you can and keep sending bugs, feature requests and comments you may have. I added a bugs group called "3.00 pre-releases" so you can use the bug traker to report bugs instead of the forum.

by Leonardo García

Some Changes

[25.08.2004] I made a few changes to the Development Website. As you can see, I redesigned the menu in the right side of the site and I added a page footer. I hope you like it!. Also, I added to the menu some links to download the VCL components required to build Dev-PHP.
I am currently working on Alpha 3 (which will probably released in the third week of September, following the one-per-month release schedule), so if you have any comments, ideas or whatever post them on the forum or email me.

by Leonardo García

ALPHA 2 released

[20.08.2004] After almost a month of hard work, I am glad to announce that the second ALPHA release of Dev-PHP 3.00 is out. This release focuses on bugfixes and some new features requested by users.
Here is the Change Log:

  • Rewritten installer (it uses "Orange Modern UI Theme" by MoNKi).
  • Rewritten Go to Line.
  • Rewritten SaveFile.
  • Added Check for Update to Help menu.
  • Small changes to AnalizeOutput.
  • Some improvements to DevPHPTheme.
  • About box now uses pngimage.
  • Bugfixes in TOnceOnly messages.
  • Improved startup speed.
  • Dev-PHP uses Registry to save settings if it fails to create Ini File.
  • Escape key closes dialogs.
  • Now tabs in PageControl are shown in multiple lines.
  • Fixed AutoComplete popping up whenever "." was typed.
  • Changed default PHP compiler name to "php-cgi.exe" to support PHP5.
  • Upgraded Class Browser to version 2.0.7.
  • Lots of internal changes and bugfixes.

Play with it as much as you can. If you find any bugs or have any comments about this release, please post them on the Development Forum instead of using the bug traker. This is to keep bugs in version 3.00 separate from bugs in versions 2.x.
In other news, I've created a new section in the site, where I will link to websites made with Dev-PHP. Just email me if you want your site to be listed.

by Leonardo García

ALPHA 1d released

[22.07.2004] I'm glad to announce the availability of the first revision of the first public ALPHA (build #14) of Dev-PHP 3.00.
This is mainly a bugfix release. Here is the Change Log:

  • Updated credits.
  • Upgraded SpTBXLib component to version 0.4.
  • New TBX theme based on TBXNewOfficeXPTheme (used in the internal alphas).
  • Fix: PageControl didn't load PopupMenu.
  • Fixed some bugs when closing without saving.
  • Dev-PHP now guesses the Documentation language.
  • Small bugfix in Class Browser.

Test it as much as you can and please submit any bugs you may find (feature requests are also welcome).

devphp3-alpha1d.jpg devphp3-alpha1d-winxp.jpg

by Leonardo García

First public ALPHA released!

[20.07.2004] After several months of hard work, I'm glad to announce the immediate availability of the first public ALPHA release of the next generation PHP editor, Dev-PHP 3.00.
The idea with Dev-PHP 3.00 was to develop a new editor, which would be able to replace the old Dev-PHP 1.9.4. It had to be fast and easy to use, but it still had to keep all the good features that we all loved from the older versions. To achieve this, it had to be rewritten from scratch, so that old mistakes would not made again.
It was not easy to start again with an empty Delphi project and select which features were going to stay, which features were going to disappear, and which features were missing, but I think I could finally make it.
Completely rewritten (unlike 2.0.6, which is based on 1.9.4), Dev-PHP v3.00 is, despite being still in ALPHA stage, more stable and faster than the 1.9 and 2.0 releases.
Please note that Dev-PHP 3.00 is not intended to be a replacement for the current 2.0.6 release but, an alternative for those who want a cleaner, faster, easier to use yet powerful PHP editor.
So, in case you haven't noticed (or you haven't read), version 3.00 will replace the old 1.9.4 version and 2.0.6 will remain as a separate editor.
I hope you like it and play with it as much as you can. Please submit every bug you find or any request you may have.
It's good to be back. Have a nice day!

devphp3-alpha1c.jpg devphp3-alpha1c-2.jpg

P.S: I almost forget it... this site layout is based on the old JLS site layout.
By the way... I am currently looking for a web designer to make the future Dev-PHP 3.00 website. If you are interested, enter to the project jobs to see what is it about.

by Leonardo García